Glen E. Friedman Interview at the opening of FUCK YOU ALL, with “” (Ireland, 2010)

This interview took place in the gallery just before the opening of the FUCK YOU ALL Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland, July 2010.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to edit this project, spear headed by journalist Julien Clancy. This video is made up of graphics, images and an interview recorded at Glen E. Friedman‘s FUCK YOU ALL Exhibition in Dublin.

The video was featured on Ireland’s leading music blog.

“Title:Glen E. Friedman – Pictures & Words
Description: Legendary photographer, Friedman takes you on a journey through his work, with a selection of career defining shots, spanning four decades.

Interviewed by Julien Clancy

Produced and Directed by Julien Clancy

Edited by Mark Bennett

Special thanks to Aidan Kelly

ICE T tweetered the video!

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 17.58.58


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